General technical information

The Kibion® Dynamic Infra Red Isotope analyzer measures the 13COand 12CO2 concentrations from sequences of breath samples and relates their ratios to the PDB-13C stable isotope standard. 

Measurements are made on breath samples as they come from the breath sample bags or sample tubes. No separation of water or isolation of CO2 is required prior to analysis. Standard breath bags have a volume of 120 ml breath gas, which allow for two measurements per sample.


Software Kibion® Dynamic

The Software is based on WINDOWS operating systems and provides touch-controlled routines for calibrations, for sample definitions and measurement control. The database provides standardized breath test procedures and also records and stores patient data and test results.

Multiple internal algorithms have been implemented to ensure the correct functionality of the Kibion® Dynamic and to provide the best user experience in 13C-breath testing available.